Where do I access my receipts?

May 10, 2019

To access your receipts, head over your app overview.

From here, click the 2nd tap called, Receipts.

You'll see an overview of all your receipts.
Once you've selected a receipt, you'll see a detailed view of your purchase.

I can't access the map! What should I do?!

April 29, 2019

So you've granted Flashfood permission by enabling your location for the app, but you're seeing a screen similar to this 👇 and you still aren't able to access the map?

It may be that the location mode on your device hasn't been set to use its GPS. Here's some steps, followed by screenshots on how to fix this from your phone.

  • Go to your phone Settings, click Locations.

  • Once you've confirmed the Location is ON, click Mode. If location is OFF, switch this to on you won't be able to access the map without it.

  • The setting should be on High accuracy.

And voila! You should now be able to view the map and shop for some awesome deals!

However, if you're getting a message after following these steps, please send us a detailed email here along with a screenshot of the message you're seeing.

What if I am dissatisfied with my experience?

April 8, 2019

We're sorry to hear we didn't meet your expectation in store! We'd love to hear about it.

Email support@flashfood.com and let us know why. There is also a Support link in your Profile page on the app. If you're requesting a refund, please include the item name and the reason for your refund. At Flashfood, we hear you out! We’ll look into the problem and work on a fix. You’ll hear back from us ASAP.

What if I have a tech issue?

April 8, 2019

Sorry to hear you’re experience some app issues!

Please try the following steps, and if the issue still appears please let us know:

1. Try toggling Airplane mode off and back on again.

2. If the issue is still present, close and reopen the application.

3. If the issue still appears, try removing and then re-installing the Flashfood app on your device ( don't worry, all your settings will stay saved!)

If after you've tried everything and the issue is still there, let us know what device you're using and that you've done these steps and we'll have a closer look!

Email support@flashfood.com and our team will get back to you ASAP.

Where do I pick up my food?

April 8, 2019

Once you have made a purchase, pick up your food any time that day at the Grocery Store you bought from.

Your food will be stored in the designated Flashfood Zone (there will be lots of Flashfood signage in the store telling you where to go – just ask any of the store employees if you need directions!). Pick up your items from the Flashfood Fridge or Dry Rack and then head to customer service desk so the cashier can confirm your purchase and you’ll be on your way!

How does Flashfood help the environment?

April 8, 2019

ONE THIRD of all food produced each year is WASTED. That’s 1.3 BILLION tons of food every year that is not eaten. This leads to food insecurity, billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions and significant environmental damage. Yikes!! Come on people!

Flashfood is empowering its shoppers to be the change. By buying food through Flashfood, you are a leader in this movement. Together, we’re reducing food waste and its negative impacts on the environment.

What is Flashfood?

April 8, 2019

Flashfood allows shoppers to buy heavily discounted, surplus groceries and meals directly through their phones from participating grocery stores. Not only will you save money but you'll also be helping the environment (Wait, what? Keep reading...).

What Are Acceptable Payment Methods?

April 8, 2019

Payments must be made only through the application. In store payments will not be accepted. We accept Visa, Visa debit, MasterCard and AMEX.

Can store rewards points be combined with purchases made through Flashfood?

April 8, 2019

No, rewards points used by the grocery store won't be combined with Flashfood purchased and vice versa.

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